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Refund Policy
1. During what circumstances will a customer be refunded his/her money?

A customer is refunded his/her money for the reasons mentioned below :

a. Cancellation of order upon customer's request
If a customer wants to cancel his/her order then he/she is asked to go to the Contact Us page and send us a mail.

The percentage of refund differs depending upon the reasons mentioned below:

Amount Refunded Conditions
100% When our supplier has not been ordered for any item and the credit card has not been charged.
90% When our supplier has not been ordered for any item but the credit card has been charged.
30% When our supplier has already been ordered for item.
0% When the ordered item is taken away from our store/office for delivery.

b. When the recipient is not happy with the delivered item

If the recipient is not happy with the delivered goods, then we assure a 100% money back to the buyer. We maintain our assurance upon the aspects mentioned below:

- After the delivery is completed, the recipient instantly refuses to accept it and return it in undamaged condition to the address mentioned in the Delivery Order.


- Citing the causes of discontent, the customer sends us a mail providing the Transaction Id along with the name of the sender and the recipient. We value our customer's response as it helps us upgrade our products and services.

c. Shortage of the gift type or color chosen

When the gift type or color of products chosen by the customer is not available in our store (due to shortage in supply) at that definite time and we are unable to fulfill the order within the time as specified, then we inform our customer about it and provide him/her 100% money back.

d. Area of delivery is beyond our coverage

When the area of the recipient is not enlisted in our specified delivery locations and is beyond our coverage or is not accessible due to certain conditions, then also we refund the money.
2. How does the refund take place?
  As soon as the criterions cited above are fulfilled, the process of will be carried out within 3 days. We will notify the customer about the refund via a mail. This notification must be kept safe to check it against the monthly credit card bill.
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