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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. Do you provide Deliveries within the Same Day? What is cut-off time for deliveries?
Yes, deliveries within the Same Day are provided by us. To order for such delivery, you have to go through the Delivery Locations Page and check out the details. For delivery within 24 hours, orders need to be placed within 4 P.M. of the delivery date. This proves the strength of our network.
2. Do you deliver gifts on Sundays and holidays?
Deliveries are made throughout the year including Sundays and holidays. There are certain items that are needed to be delivered via courier. In such cases deliveries are made on working days.
3. Do you courier the floral arrangements? Can their freshness be guaranteed?
We do not courier Floral arrangements. Through a local florist, they are hand delivered. Thus we can assure you of their freshness.
4. If any perishable product delivery does not take place in fresh condition, then what steps would be taken?
If the recipient refuses to accept the product because he/she is discontent with its freshness, then we re-deliver the same product without charging anything extra. But if, after accepting the product a complaint is lodged, we do not grant it.
5. How will the locally unavailable product delivery take place?
The products those are not available in the local market are couriered within 1-3 days. The delivery time depends upon holidays, if any, and the delivery area.
6. Are customized gifts delivered that are not shown in the site?
Yes, customized gifts can be delivered. All you have to do is to send us a mail and we will confirm you about the delivery of such products.
7. Is any Greeting Card supplied with the ordered gifts?
Yes, a Greeting Card is supplied with every delivered gift so that you can send your personalized messages through it.
8. How can we contact you?
You can contact us through our number XXXXX. Do call us between 9 AM. to 7 PM., IST.
9. What if in your list of locations the name of my city/town is not cited?
In such cases, we would request you to go through the list of locations we deliver products to, in the Locations Page. It is nearly impossible that we miss out the name of any city/town as we are one of the biggest delivery networks. But, in case, we have missed out some remote location then you may give us a call at XXXXX. We will try our best to make your delivery in such location.
10. Does gift delivery take place on the time specified by the customer?
Delivery of products on a specified date can be assured by us but we do not give any assurance about the time due to traffic chaos and bad road conditions in India. But, till date, we have been successful in delivering 95% of our orders on the time specified by our customer. It must also be noted in this regard that the Cakes we deliver are baked fresh in the bakery and made ready within 10.30 A.M. So, we do not make their delivery early in the morning unless insisted by the customer.
11. How can one come to know about the order fulfillment?
Though all the time it is not possible for us to keep the customer updated about the delivery status, but generally, on the next day morning after delivery, we update the status. To get confirmed instantly, you are suggested to give us a call at XXXXX. We assure you of the fact that almost 100% of our orders have been delivered on time.
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